I have always possessed a strong visual sense. Growing up as a young boy, I was obsessed with making sure my lego spaceships were perfectly symetrical width wise in terms of piece choice and colours. I was often troubled back then on why I was so fussy with the way things looked. After high school, I decided to pursue the development of my unkown traits. I studied a broad media course covering many aspects of digital media from photography, animation and even sound design. It was not till a couple of years of this till the day I realized that my most effective way of expressing myself was with a camera and an editing software. It was then that I fully understood a fantastic way to utilize my traits to its fullest advantage.

We all get emotionally struck by images all the time. Whether it was a painting you saw in an exhibition, a moment in time when you gazed upon a sunset or that photo you took with your phone. Whether it was subtle or not, whether it was a positive or negative emotion that you had felt, you did feel something and that is what I aim for; to emotionally connect with an audience through images and in this case, through images in motion. Nothing satisfies me more. With each video and/or film production I work on, I am essentially sharing my thoughts, ideas and emotions and it amazes me to hear from people who resonate with it.


I really appreciate you stopping by and being interested in collaborating with me to create something. I value your time, so please provide me with the following information and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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